Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Marshmallows part 3: Madam, I'm KERPUFFERKIN!

Branding is the most important thing in trying to sell your evil plans to the populace. Creating packaging that resembles creepy Asian-food-market marshmallows is step 1.

Here we fuse the paint to the plastic using only the intensity of our gaze.

Korean and Klingon are the most brutal languages.

Grover Cleveland learned to speak with penguins.

Finished product!


  1. If only I'd known that Kerpufferkins were available for purchase. I made beaucoup de rice Krispie treats last night with regular, crappy, store-bought marshmallows.
    I now doubt the quality of said treats.

  2. Jeff's gaze is intense. He almost bore a hole through me at ground control on his birthday. There was a beer right behind me though, but I like to think it was me.