Monday, May 25, 2009

Cake Decorating 403: How to Decorate Your Cake with a Shotgun

Cupcakes have grown in popularity over the past several years, but their brutality has remained depressingly low (e.g. in England, they're called Fairy Cakes (the name "fairy cake" is a fanciful description size, which would be appropriate for a party of diminutive fairies to share)).

After eating way too many fairy cakes (half a crown (equal to 10 bob, a quid, and a half-groat of cakes)) we hallucinated an army of fairies riding vampire unicorns all over the ceiling. Using the crystal ball we stole from a ghost that time we spent the night in the abandoned gypsy circus, we divined that the only weapon that could save us was that quad-barrel shotgun from Phantasm. Lacking access to this technology, we improvised.

We will use the lead shot from these shells to construct a sap. We will then use the sap to knock someone unconscious and steal their french fries, this creating material for another entry.

This method worked well for both decorating the cakes quickly and for fighting off the demon-possessed toys. Highly recommended.

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