Thursday, July 9, 2009

Girly Drinks: Girls' Night Out

This drink (as far as I can recall) was invented as a response to the challenge: "Zounds! Is there anything made with this stuff that doesn't taste like powdered weasel nose-hairs?" (The "stuff," of course, being Hpnotiq.)

Turns out that the easy answer is: no, most things made with Hpnotiq taste like powdered weasel nose-hairs.

Which really is a shame, because it's such a nice colour. A bit girly, perhaps, but rather pleasant to look at.

After much experimentation, much lamentation, and much driving our enemy (sobriety) before us, we are pleased to present: The Clitini.

1 oz. Hynotiq
1 oz. Ketel One
1 oz. Sprite
1 pomegranate seed

Shake first two ingredients over ice and strain into a martini glass. Add chilled sprite and garnish with pomegranate seed. Put on eyeshadow; drink respectfully.

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