Monday, February 22, 2010

Flavor Trippin' part 2: The Horrible Truth

As much as we wanted this experience to be amazing and life-changing, it turned out to be mostly disgusting.  The problem is that the fruit changes your taste, but not your sense of smell.  And, of course, there are only five tastes; everything else is smell.

So while Tabasco might all-of-a-sudden taste as sweet as doughnut glaze, it still smells like vinegar and is, of course, still a bit spicy.

Sauerkraut suffers the same fate: the taste is new, sweet, and interesting, but it still smells like sauerkraut.  This was really the downfall of everything we tried: mustards, tequilas, vinegars, olives, pickled beans, you name it.

It also rendered the wine we had served with dinner undrinkable.

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