Sunday, February 15, 2009

Candy Sushi part 2: Exodus

You remember how to make Rice Krispy treats? Neither did we. Luckily, we were able to call someone who looked it up, took a picture with their phone, and sent it to us. It was, as you can see, illegible. We winged it.

We were concerned because the marshmallows we were using were all trippy-pastel-Easter. It reminded us of that valuable first quarter in college when we learned why our she-wolf mother always separated the white from the colored laundry. The marshmallows, like our laundry, went that funky grey-green, everyone-knows-exactly-what-you-did color. But, learning from our college experience (it wasn't all blood-letting and hairy-legged women), we just added a bunch of breakfast cereal and no one was the wiser.

We pressed most of the rice thin for our rolls, and made a few little balls for our nigiri.

Here we start our first roll. Turns out Fruit Roll-Ups are wicked sticky, so we gave everything in the kitchen a generous coating of Pam (later, we found out that this made the rolls taste vaguely of oven cleaner). Anyway, blundering on, a Roll-Up is our nori, the Rice Krispy treat is our rice, and our payload is a Gummi Worm, some kind of apple-ish Twizzler knock-off, and an unidentifiable chewy rope-thing that looked, if you squinted, were drunk, and not really paying attention, almost completely unlike imitation crab.

Viola! Our beautiful, completed roll. Unfortunately, our Fruit Roll-Ups were not all green. In fact, finding all green, non-cut, non-printed-on Roll-Ups is impossible. These were covered in Fujiwara Takanobu prints, so at least that was kinda authentic.